The Rose of SharonThe Rose of Sharon65 x 70 cm$1800.00 AUDContact
The icon UnframedThe icon Unframed75 x 40 cm$950.00 AUDContact
Frangappani BouquetFrangappani Bouquet28 x 18 cmSoldContact
Impressions from the skyImpressions from the sky75 x 45 cm$1800.00 AUDContact
Camelleon PoppyCamelleon Poppy45 x 61 cm$1500.00 AUDContact
Poppy in the MistPoppy in the Mist29 x 39 cmSoldContact
Menindee Lakes 'Peace'Menindee Lakes 'Peace'14 x 21 cmSoldContact
Angelic FloraAngelic Flora100 x 46 cmSoldContact
Purple RoyaltyPurple Royalty59 x 59 cm$980.00 AUDContact
Fire FlysFire Flys29 x 29 cmSoldContact